It Was All Fields Around Here

by Raggedy Rawney

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At the end of the road was a plot that was half built, somehow unfinished. Did they run out of money, or go out of business? Either way, we were left with foundations in which to play armies and a base from which to commandeer.

One day, we watched from our bikes as mysterious men in suits arrived, surveying the land. We would protest. But how?

We dreamt of empires but I guess we were innocently deluding ourselves. From this distant perspective it seems we were flawed and, left to our own devices we would, in time, only fail.


released March 22, 2017

Words & Music by Dan Ecclestone
Drums by Ian Pickering
Mixed & Mastered by Ian Shepherd
Artwork by Rob Jervis



all rights reserved


Raggedy Rawney Cambridge, UK

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Track Name: Off We Go
I took you for a drive
Through the city by night
You said did I remember
Well, how could I forget?
And turning from amber to green
We floored it down narrowing streets
Back to the fields
You said 'come on, off we go...'

Silent so silent
Save for the beat of the wipers
We sat half closing our eyes
The better to see everything
As it had been
And turning from wild-eyed to worn
We huddled like wrecks on the shore
So cold, so cold
I said 'come on, off we go...'
Track Name: Replacements
Thought I was dreaming, then I felt the air
My quickening breath and a sense of loss
On every corner, at every door
Voices raised, voices lost

I am the son of a father who left in the blink of an eye…
Well, I survived.
But everything I did I did for him

I thought we were looking to drive bigger cars
And live in bigger houses that tower down
I thought were were waiting for the fruit of the trees
To bend the branches down

So now I search for replacements

I thought we were drifting, in and out of years
All at sea, all lost
Track Name: Never Wanted This
We were fighting, fighting for our lives
Or so it seemed
We were right there at the coal face
You had hold of houses
On the south side of the park
I defended the trees

And in our empires
In our worlds we were kings and queens
And the lands we held were fine and plenty
…such dreams

But I never wanted this
I never wanted this
Be careful what you wish for, child,
Your empire may materialize
Sooner or later
With everything you wished and more
But i never wanted this

We were fighting, fighting for our lives
Or so it seemed…with the daylight fading
You were called for dinner before the mission's end
I defended the peace
Track Name: It Was All Fields Around Here
There were days we would waste
Making sense of the shapes
The abstractions and the silhouettes
There were days we would walk
Through the briars & through the gorse
The wild and the weak and the vain

I remember when it was all fields around here
And you used to say
That there would always be the space for us to hide

There would always be the steels and twisted timbers
The tallest reeds
But we would always be and we would never leave

I would hope for the day
That I could follow you upstream
To your source
And find a spring within the soil
The root of all your pain

And for the day
They would come, try to separate us,
Then, seeing the errors of their ways, let us be
Track Name: Damaged Goods
I died a hundred times
And with each and every fall
Rose resolved to find you and darken your door.

And steal the sleep from your eyes...

Though we are only girls & boys
We will prevail
For despite your posturing and noise
You will fail

I died a hundred times
As I watched the wrecking ball
Rise in pure anticipation…then fall

For you stole the sleep from our eyes

Well they were only ruins, they could not have known

I opened sleeping eyes
And with each & every breath
Bled the memory dry
Track Name: Buildings & Houses
The buildings and houses
Were never meant to be
That was our playground: a world of fantasy
Our trenches – foundations; our bunks – utilities

And there in the trees
Was our watchtower and retreat.
It's all we ever had

Your sister told me we'd have to make our voices heard
We'd have to protest to make our voices heard
But your father laughed and said
They'd burn our playground down

I would have done whatever your sister said
I would have built the barricades
But we were merely shadows
And we were born to hide in the trees
In our watchtower and retreat
It's all we ever knew

If they burn our playground down
And point, and laugh
If they bring machinery
Well I hope your brother....

....light sabres them down
Track Name: A Certain Sense of Calm
A certain sense of calm
And i'm out of this world
Yes i'm floating off in space
I see the world
Through the eyes of apollo
And everything connects.

But where are you?
Under which apparition,
Which endless cloud are you now?
For it's only when I'm beside you we're real.

Once, just once
Give me the strength and the will to recover
and rise, rise,
Over the rooftops and houses
To where we began.

A certain sense of harmony
Fills my head and leaves me reeling
I'm like a baby out there
At the centre of its universe
Track Name: Indignity
I am innocent of every charge
You may hope to press
And these lines that dance like lightning at my eyes
They do not attest...

For I was never the beacon of hope
I was never the model
And I have only so much you could
Measure of virtue

You may find deep in the
darkest corners of your mind
The answers why
For it makes no sense
But we are accidents
Waiting to happen
We will collide
Then we will find -
There in the darkest corners
Of our minds -
The answers why.